Work from home Needs Professionalism

G’day everyone.

In today’s time, it is very necessary to be in job. However, it is not that much easy for a married woman to spent 9 hours at office and then to take care of her family. It all depends upon us how we take our life, how we mold our life with time.

I tell you the story of one of my dear one who was working in a multinational company posted at high profile. She continued her job even after her marriage and after a year she was blessed with a baby and she was no more able to continue going to office and decided to take a break so that she could give time to her baby. Looking her professional record her boss offered her work from home facility. She was happy and there she realized if you have self-confidence and talent, you would get a chance to show it no matter which place you are working from.

She agrees to the proposal and started spending her time from home. After little time she realized that, she is lacking something in her work and that was none other than professionalism. Her inefficiency even reflects in her work too.

Working from home need proper management, proper office atmosphere and full concentration. I am also one of you who are working from home and face such difficulties initially. Then I manage my schedule. Improve my working atmosphere and today I am successful in adopting a professional attitude that one must have in his/her work.

Here I will discuss few steps that I accepted to set up own office and start working from home.

1. An Office Space: – The basic problem people face while working from home is a workspace. Set up your work place where there is less noise, you can concentrate on your work without any disturbance. While working avoid your personal affairs.

2. Stay away from T.V:- Television stops you to work professionally. Better avoid T.V while you are at work.

3. Personal and Professional work differences: – Do not interfere your personal life with your professional life. Keep them apart and while professional don’t be personal.

4. Make a Schedule: – You should make a schedule. Divide your hours that you want to spent with your family and time that you want to be in your job. Do not intermix both. And one you make a schedule you must stuck on that as you are the only boss of yourself. Be true with yourself.

5. Stay away from Social sites as well as email:- Unnecessary email checking can affect your productivity so stay away if you are not waiting for some specific email(s). You can fix some specific time to check email it can be Morning or evening time or can fix 20-25 minutes for Morning and Evening both. You have to take care of social sites ( Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) as well as Access of them can also affect the productivity.

6. Be your own Boss:- People who works from home face a big problem as they don’t have any boss on them so they gets more responsibility on them. They play a boss character as well as employee. You should be motivating yourself to follow your own deadlines. If you are faithful to your work then only you can play these characters very well.

7. Self-Development:- It is fine that you have got permission to do your work from home but it does not mean you are the genius, you still have to develop your skills. Work from home have it’s own benefits but side-by-side it have some drawbacks as well because you miss that competitive atmosphere which most important to enhance the skills of employees. You should be in touch with experts and do best effort to make yourself-better in your life.

8. Always Try to get Feedback:- You should be keep in touch with the company whom you are working for. This time is not to receive the payment checks although you should try to get feedback and to know your company requirements. If you will not be aware about company needs then it will be hard for you to perform better. A good professional completes all his company requirements very well.

Nothing is impossible in life If you have self-determination. If you get an opportunity do take it and stand by it. Trust me just be in yourself and do anything if you really want to achieve your goal.

Have a Nice Time.

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