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Finally I came up with my very first post and its very special for me as I am so excited with this post. Rather then this I am excited as I got the chance to share my experience with my dear friends.

I grown up in middle class family, completed my studies from a small town and after great struggle I decided to move to Chandigarh as I decided to start my career. I came across many difficulties to select my career but I was planned that now I want to attain my goal. Finally I stated my career as a graphic designer in 2003.

I love to watch movies and grab some innovative ideas from their but when I can up with those ideas practically I found something different means I can see what’s my imagination was and got excited. That’s how I learned web designing and found it very interesting as I came up with my own ideas and imaginations. I concluded that “Designing is all about your imagination and your designing impact what kind of person you are.”

Today I am having 7 years experience in designing. I believe knowledge never ends if you have capability. Today when I realize that I had grabbed enough knowledge in designing I planned to enhance my knowledge in development too.

Today I feel very lucky as I got an opportunity to come up with my own site and published my 1st blog post. People say that writing a first blog post is very hard, Is it true? How about you? Have you ever tried to write a blog post? As per Neil Patel’s If a teenager can do, you can too… right? Neil don’t think that writing a blog post is hard at all, but writing a great blog post is very difficult.. This is my first effort in writing my blog and this is just a beginning but I’ll come up with many more articles which will definitely be helpful and motivate few of you.

In my coming up posts I’ll discuss about designing, tips & tricks, life, technology, motivation etc.

Just stay in touch.

Catch you soon in my next post.

Till then visit my site and feel free if you have any queries. Enjoy :)

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